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The first book of its kind in 50 years, by the fellow who started it all!

From basic to professional with over 400 detailed drawings and illustrations - Including how to turn an old, used DeWalt into a precision instrument.

Putting an old DeWalt into shape is more than worth the price.

Gone Home
April 20, 1921 - April 6, 1997

10th Anniversary Tribute

Mr. Sawdust News

February 19, 2021

Judging by the increase in book sales of How to Master the Radial Saw, it appears that a whole bunch of smart woodworkers are finding a great way to overcome this "Dark Winter" – ominously predicted by some... and it is still available – on this site only!

April 12, 2020

YES! "How to Master the Radial Saw" is still available! Our printer has been able to continue to provide us with books through this very unsettling time. This is a great time to read the book and perhaps get lost in your shop to keep your mind and hands occupied--better than the boob tube! God bless and stay well!

May 23,2019

Some exciting news from Wally Kunkel-#4 son of Mr.Sawdust! Wally and Merle have purchased a property in Hackettstown, NJ and plan to renovate it for the future home of the "Mr.Sawdust School of Proefessional Woodworking." It has been his dream for quite some time.
Mr.Sawdust would be thrilled!

We will leep you posted!

February 20, 2019

Winter is hanging on in NE Pennsylvania!
Great time to spend at the workbench-or planning projects for spring. Hope you have a copy of
"How to Master the Radial Armsaw"
opened on your bench!

September 4, 2018

Be sure to visit Mr.Sawdust on Facebook!

February 4, 2018

Thank you to Tommy Tompkins and his great YouTube woodworking videos! His "How to Master the Radial Armsaw" plug has kept us busy packing and shipping books!
Here is the video responsible--

October 29, 2017

YES! "How to Master the Radial Saw" is still for sale! (..and selling like hot cakes!)
Order yours here!

"It's Fall Again!"
This is an excerpt from one of the BenchTalk newsletters, published by Mr.Sawdust while operating the "Mr.Sawdust Schools of Professional Woodworking" in Chester NJ during the 70's and 80's.

January 15. 2015

Happy New Year from the folks at MR.SAWDUST!

I always like to begin a new year with
"A Pep Talk from Mr.Sawdust"
He was a great motivator-and we can all use some of that when beginning a brand new year!
Happy to say, How to Master the Radial Saw continues to sell all over the world.
Mr.Sawdust would be thrilled.

September 30, 2014

Welcome Fall!

If you have recently ordered a book-or are thinking about orderng one now, there will be a short delay; a shipment of books is due within the next few days!

Be sure to follow MrSawdust on Facbook-see what those Kunkel brothers are up to!

April 11, 2014

Spring has finally arrived in NE Pennsylvania!
Check back soon-I will be sharing some beautiful work by Wally Kunkel (Mr.Sawdust's #4 son)

January 12, 2014

Happy New Year from the folks at Mr.Sawdust!
If you're in the Northeast US you may need to fire up an extra heater to work in your shop!
(and don't forget your long underwear)
Winter is a good time to dream about those spring projects-
or just plain dream about spring!

September 3, 2013

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet-Autumn is ahead of us-such a beautiful season!

Today I share the story of "Another Side of Mr.Sawdust." It is only because of Mr.Sawdust that I have become acquainted with the very special couple pictured on the cover of this book-Richard and Robin Johnson. Richard met Mr.Sawdust as a young boy and shared that "life changing" memory with our family. And I share it with you!~M.Walsh

April 14th, 2013

Yes! The book is still for sale!

IMPORTANT: We use a 256-bit encryption security certificate (very secure) so you will need a fairly up-to-date Internet browser. Please upgrade your browser if you have any security issues when accessing our store. Or call us at 570-476-7986 and we will gladly take your order over the phone.

Please contact mwalsh@dovetalebooks.com
if you have any further questions!

November 25,2012

Thanksgiving is behind us; soon we will be hearing Christmas carols everywhere we go!
Books have been flying off the shelf this past month! Orders for books to give as gifts are already coming in...Mr.Sawdust would be very happy!

May 29,2012

On March 23rd the Kunkel Family lost it's matriarch-"Mrs.Sawdust"-Jean Sanatass Kunkel. She will be profoundly missed!
Meanwhile-we have finally caught up on shipping back orders.

Thanks for your patience!

Here is a video Tribute to Jean Sanatass Kunkel created by her only daughter Mary Kunkel Walsh played at her funeral.

February 13, 2012

We have been swamped with book orders since before Christmas! If you have ordered a book and have not received it-please be patient.
Books will be shipped in the order they were received!

December 15,2011

The days before Christmas in Mr.Sawdust's home were filled with secrets—special projects being completed...lots of love and excitement!

Here is a memory of a "Christmas Surprise" shared by Mr.Sawdust's daughter Mary.

October 2,2011

Here is "The Kunkel Banjo" website-introduced by its inventor/creator, Bruce J.Kunkel,#2 son of Mr.Sawdust!

June 29,2011

If you encounter a problem ordering a book-feel free to send us an e-mail: mwalsh@dovetalebooks.com

June 10,2011

....Time to plan your summer projects!
Here is a beautiful piece by Marc A Kunkel (#1 son of Mr.Sawdust. This Silver Chest was also built by students in a class at the Mr.Sawdust School of Woodworking—taken home as very fancy tool chests!

April 13,2011

Spring has arrived in NE Pennsylvania!
Maybe if we say this enough—the sun will come out!

If you have tried to place an order within the past week and had a problem—please contact Mary (mwalsh@dovetalbooks.com)
We want you to have your copy of How to Master the Radial Armsaw!

January 25, 2011

....Mr.Sawdust Book orders!

If you have ordered a book within the past two weeks and have not received it-please be patient. There was a 'miscommunication' between our office and the printer we use-they are always very prompt. We hope to have all orders shipped by this Friday. Sorry for the delay!

January 8, 2011

Happy New Year from the folks at Mr.Sawdust!

December 13,2010

Busy time of year—getting ready to celebrate Mr.Sawdust's favorite holiday!
In recognition of the birth of Christ,
Mr.Sawdust's son Bruce created this one of a kind guitar while working for Gibson Guitar in Nashville,TN. (Dec. 2000)

November 27,2010

Hoping you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here at Mr.Sawdust we are counting our blessings!

"Trash or Treasure?"—you decide!

Read the article, "A DeWalt 'Rebirth'"
(photos courtesy of Roger Hill)

July 22, 2010

Read about
"Little" Wally's Woodworking Project"
Wally is Mr.Sawdust's #4 son

June 30,2010

Read about..

The Whimsical Works of GeoffreyA.Kunkel
#3 son of Mr.Sawdust—one of a kind!
Here is a sample...

May 15, 2010

..Just In!
Be sure to check out this recent, beautiful project by Kunkel & Son Woodworking!

Marc Kunkel is Mr.Sawdust's #1 son—his son Mike Kunkel is a grandson of Mr.Sawdust—

Maple "Clouds" Lighting Fixture

April 23, 2010

Spring has arrived in NE Pennsylvania! Welcome spring!
Be sure to stop by the Mr.Sawdust facebook page...new pictures, information added frequently!

February 6, 2010

Winter storm warning in effect in NE Pennsylvania—great time to put on the coffee and dream about your next project!

Read the story behind the one of a kind Hope Chest, designed and built by Mr.Sawdust in 1972.

January 26, 2010

December 3,2009

If you have never read this great article on reconditioning a DeWalt radial arm saw—it would be well worth your time!

Some Tips on De Walt Radial Armsaw Reconditioning
by Roger A. Hill

Reconditoned DeWalt Radial Armsaw
by Roger A. Hill

Roger is a skilled woodworker and active participant on the "De Walt" Radial Armsaw Discussion Forum.

Thanks Roger!

Beautiful crib built by Roger Hill for his first great grandon. The crib will later become a daybed—and finally a twin sized bed.

November 11,2009

Were you ever a student of Mr.Sawdust?
Stop by Mr.Sawdust's Facebook page and tell us about it!

October 27,2009

It's Fall Again!
Mr.Sawdust's favorite time of year!
Time to fly airplanes and get your shop ready for winter!
Here's a little Fall Benchtalk from Mr.Sawdust.

Mr.Sawdust is pictured here with number 5 son, Carl.

Don't miss Carl's video-
Raising a panel on a DeWalt radial armsaw

September 24, 2009

If you're just stopping by and have questions related to the radial armsaw,
.........please check out the

Radial Armsaw Discussion Forum.

The moderator—"Paul" — has done a fantastic job for many years—answering questions and moderating the forum!

Game table by Paul

Paul is a maker of fine furniture—His knowledge comes from many years of experience!
.....Thanks for doing a great job Paul!

August 22,2009

Remembering Sam Maloof

If you haven't picked up the latest issue of Fine Woodworking you may want to. Although Sam Maloof passed away in May it seems to be just hitting home with many who loved and admired him.

When "Mrs. Sawdust" heard he was on the cover of Fine Woodworking she had to have a copy. She accompanied Mr.Sawdust to numerous shows where Sam Maloof displayed his amazing work. Saddened to hear the news,

"He was a true gentleman!"

Go to FineWoodworking.com/extras for a retrospective on Maloof's legendary career.

June 20, 2009

Remembering our Dad
this Father's Day

"Few fathers have taken so much time with their children and few children have been willing to learn from their fathers for so long."
Bruce J. Kunkel

View a tribute video to W.M.Kunkel
by his daughter Mary

June 11, 2009

....Grab a cup of coffee and stop by Bruce's shop for a few minutes-take a look at a few of his hand made
Kunkel guitars!

January 25,2009

......Congratulations Bruce!

If you have an appreciation for the fine art of master luthiers you don't want to miss this book!

Hand Made
Hand Played
The Art & Craft of
by Robert Shaw

"Through a detailed text and hundreds of spectacular color photographs, Robert Shaw showcases the beauty and artistry of contemporary acoustic and electric guitars built by hand. He features a host of the finest and most innovative artisans of the past 25 years and the remarkable variety of high-quality instruments they are making."
(from the book flap)

Four of Bruce Kunkel's amazing one of a kind guitars are featured in this book—built while he was with Gibson Guitar in Nashville, TN.

Bruce is #2 son of Mr.Sawdust. More of his work can be seen at his Kunkel Guitars web-site.

October 12,2008

"....things may get a lot worse before they get better!" Have you heard that lately?

Here's a little Timeless Advice from Mr.Sawdust that is well worth repeating!

June 29, 2008

If you haven't taken a look at Marc Kunkel's work, from his shop in Nashville Tennessee, you're in for a treat!

Marc is the oldest son of Mr.Sawdust and now works with his oldest son Mike in their business, Kunkel & Son Woodworking.

Don't miss the front door they carved for country singer Brad Paisley and his wife. It is exquisite!

November 11, 2007

What a beautiful time of year—the autumn leaves have been at their peak here in Northeastern Pennsylvania! Now with the drop in temperature leaves are falling everywhere.

For some late fall inspiration to prepare for your winter projects, here's a little Benchtalk from Mr.Sawdust.

June 2nd, 2007

Did you catch the article, "Living the Legend," in the July issue of American Woodworker magazine written by Jeff Opett, one of our satisfied customers? Thanks Jeff!

~10th Anniversary Tribute~

April 6th, 2007 marked the tenth year anniversary of the passing of Wallace Kunkel, Mr.Sawdust.  How he is missed!

Read a tribute in recognition of this anniversary written by Mr.Sawdust's daughter Mary-original music by Marc Kunkel.

Read The Woodworker -poem by Bruce J.Kunkel in memory of his father.

March 7th, 2006

Have you ever built a secret compartment into a piece of furniture? Mr.Sawdust often did. Read about a special desk he built for his granddaughter, Dawn Angel Walsh and the valuable contents of its secret drawer.

March 2nd, 2005

If you've ever wondered if your work will be appreciated by generations to come, Mary Walsh (daughter of Mr. Sawdust) has written a heartfelt tribute to one particular piece of furniture that has made its way from one generation to the next. Read the story behind one of Mr. Sawdust's earliest works, The Lazy Susan.

November 28th, 2004
Marc Kunkel, first son of Mr. Sawdust just released his debut album, "American Vistas" His first single, "In Your Eyes" charges up the charts in its second week out. Listen to the song here —or purchase another song for great listening!

What You're Saying
"I got my copy of the book OK. Thank you for continuing to do this. It seems your father was a great and interesting man with lots of passion. You can feel it in reading the book. They do not make many like that!"
Brad Piatt

"Friend loved the book so much, he kept it! So I am ordering my second..."
Thomas Vinson

"I really enjoyed your book. I commend you for the self-publishing effort. I probably learned more about woodworking by reading that book than any 10 of the others I've gotten from the library..."
J. Cliff Elam

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