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~Dedicated to the Strength and Love of Family~

Dovetale Books is pleased to present—at long last—"Our Kunkel Family in America"
an extensive, beautiful work—representing fifty years of research!
There are six generations of family surnames also represented.
My father would be thrilled to know that his work is now available to anyone and all who are interested!
The CD can be ordered below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

~Mary Kunkel Walsh mwalsh@dovetalebooks.com

"This is American history as it happened from the very first days of our country and it has all the plots and characters to make it "The Great American Novel"!

.... It begins with a Hessian soldier, captured by General Washington at Trenton in 1776. This Henry Kunkel then marries the daughter of an Indian Princess and establishes his family in York, PA. This is followed by his sons and daughters migrating into Ohio by ox and wagon—and then to NW Missouri when it was still Indian Territory. You'll read about Kunkels in the Gold Rush, in the Civil War, on the Oregon Trail to the "Great Northwest" by covered-wagon - with the Pony Express out of St. Joe and to Idaho on the first railroad.

....When all is "said and done" (and it is, for me!), our real purpose is to give our children, forever, a foundation for their lives. In essence, a place to "come home to." Here, again, dates in this genealogy, will show the trends in our history, the migrations, and (in the recent decades) the falling apart of the American family; the increasing divorces, the hesitancy of relatives to supply "embarrassing" information, and occupations having to do with therapy, halfway houses, and helping to get people off welfare. But the pendulum swings and we will return, full force, to the values of family and sustenance and love. That's when our future children will seek out this book—to get their footholds anew in this crazy civilization of ours. And we'll be ready for them." ~Wallace M. Kunkel

*The data contained in this work is complete through April of '97—the year of Wallace Kunkel's death.

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