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You asked for it. Below are a few photos, illustrations, and some copy from my book.

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Mr. Sawdust Presents "How to Master the Radial Arm Saw"
The Way It Was!
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the DeWalt Saw

A lot of things had to happen before there could be a Radial-Arm Saw of any kind.

Think about this: From the time of Noah and his ark to the hey-day of Duncan Phyfe, methods of sawing wood knew little change or improvement. Of course, I have no idea how Noah undertook his unbelievable task -- but since the time of the Egyptians, and through century after century thereafter, the story has changed very little: Straight, toothed blades, moving in-and-out or up-and-down, were powered by man until the 15th Century, by water to the 18th Century, and by steam in the 19th Century.

Then, in one fell swoop, all kinds of good (and not so good) things began to happen -- all because a quiet little lady, hidden away in a monastic Massachusetts community, had a great idea and did something about it.

Sister Tabitha Babbitt of the Harvard Shakers invented the circular saw blade. The year was 1810. With all due credit and admiration for the good Sister, her incredibly good thinking was well nigh miraculous.
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