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A DeWalt "Rebirth"
by M.Walsh

To the casual passerby, a DeWalt Radial Armsaw as pictured below might be considered a heap of rusting metal junk—good for nothing—ready for the city dump. It might be taking up room in the corner of an abandoned garage or in the basement of a widow's home; but just let Roger Hill or any of the hundreds of De Walt Radial Armsaw enthusiasts find this little "gem," brush off the dust and debris, devote some hard work, time and TLC—and you will witness nothing short of a "rebirth." It will emerge with the same beauty and integrity it had when it first came off the assembly line back in the 50's. Given a second chance, it will repay you for decades to come!

The saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" will suffice....

Thanks Roger, for sharing your inspiring pictures!

Roger Hill is a woodworker/DeWalt enthusiast—and has written extensively on DeWalt reconditioning. He shares his expertise at the DeWalt Radial Armsaw Forum and his excellent article on De Walt Armsaw Reconditioning in PDF format is available here.