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"Fung Shway!"
by Carl Kunkel (originally posted on a woodworking forum)

Hi all, Here's a 16' trellis/wall Wally and I made and installed this week in a 17 story apartment in the Village NYC. From the pictures, it doesn't look like much but it was quite a bit of work. It's made of clear cedar and the designer specified he didn't want to see any nails or filled nail holes so I had to fashion 560 aluminum plates (4 holes apiece, 2 countersunk) in order to screw the 1"x1" slats to the posts from behind using all stainless steel screws. The slats are set into a 2 step Dado, one for the plate and 1 for the slat. I pre-stained all the material and it all had to fit in a small service elevator.

The back is 1/2" marine plywood painted a gloss red and will have special lighting inside. The right side of the wall gets a 1"1/2 thick marble slab. Anyway, here's a few pics..

Posts with plates