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Book Contents

This will give an idea of the subjects covered in depth!

Over 400 drawings and illustrations, casual copy you'll enjoy. Plastic bound to lie FLAT on your bench.

50 Pages: History, all-model DeWalt specs, and alignment.
70 Pages: The right cutting tools and the only 8 ways you can saw a board.
  • Vertical Crosscut
  • Ripping/Vertical Rip
  • Bevel Crosscut
  • Bevel Miter
  • Bevel Rip
  • Edge Cut or Groove
  • Angled Edge Cut and Raised-Panels
20 Pages: All Dado Operations
  • Shelf Cut and End Rabbet
  • Angled Dado or Gain Cut
  • Groove and Edge Rabbet
  • V-Cut and Radius Cove
  • Angled V-Cut
  • Straight V-Cut or Fluting
  • Edge Groove and Open Mortise
  • Bevel Rabbet: Straight and Coved Raised Panel
70 Pages: Professional Shaping/Moulding
  • Shaper Profiles at Work
  • 10-Board Moulding
  • Jointing
  • Straight-Line Moulding
  • Irregular Shaping
  • Shaping with Rub Collars You Make
  • Swan-Neck Moulding for Highboy
  • Doors for Fine Furniture
  • Sash for Classic Corner Cupboard
    - Muntins with Stick-and-Cope
    - Pinned joints
  • Copying Complicated Mouldings
...and that's just a very brief outline!
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