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"Thanks for answering my letter today. Sounds like I've just got to have this book. I am looking forward to getting it. Thanks for your comments about my search for a RAS."
Rick A. Harris

"It's about time you came out with this book!"
Wallace L. Kunkel

"I really enjoyed your book. I commend you for the self-publishing effort. I probably learned more about woodworking by reading that book than any 10 of the others I've gotten from the library..."
J. Cliff Elam

"As a young pup (67 years old now) with a new Shopsmith under my belt, the wife and I were lucky enough to see one of your " Demos for Forrest Blades " at a Chicago area wood show. Had never seen any thing like it before, man you were great, you made that saw sing, and, you were the fastest man I 'd ever seen behind a saw. To this day haven't seen any that could compare to your demo. Said to the wife, " lets stop back here before going home just to see if Mr. Sawdust still has all of his fingers. " I hope and pray you do! Well you convinced me, bought two Forrest blades that night, one for the smith and one for my radial arm saw. (Sorry it’s not a DeWalt) Both blades are still used ever day I'm in the shop, and are still top notch. This visit to your site has brought back a lot of good old memories for me, it’s after midnight now, but I'll be stopping back to get your book. Every time I pick it up I'll think back to your demo. You don't know how many times I've related your story to my friends, telling them you've never seen a wood worker until you've seen Mr.Sawdust."
Jim and Mary Ann Fedel

"This is undoubtedly the best radial arm saw reference work ever written. I have sent many to this website. Please keep publishing this invaluable work."
M.T. Riggs

"I got your book a few weeks ago and appreciated the writing, viewpoint and content. Thanks for the effort."
John Orvis

"I received your book today, put it down only to write this note. I'm quite impressed with the quality, story of history is great..."
R.J. Spomer

"Well, I finally finished resurrecting my saw according to your book. As you can see from the photo, it came out pretty good. The best part is how well it works. A new table was made up, following your instructions. This MBF DeWalt (with the Forrest blade) is incredible! Now I'm looking for an old GWI!"
Jon Snadden

"My wife bought me a DeWalt for Christmas. I found your site on the web and ordered your book. It was the best $35 I ever spent. I can do things now that were unimaginable to me 6 months ago. I have the fanciest picnic table in the township. Thanks a heap."
"Honest Man"

"I bought a copy of this fantastic book a couple of years ago. It is by far the finest book on the Radial arm saw that I have found. I have used radial saws for about 40 years but have never owned a DeWalt until now. In April of this year I found a Model R-1350 that I have put back in good working order and just a few days ago I purchased a model 7790 that has a bit more power than the 1350. I'm looking forward to getting this one into shape. I'm indebted to Mr. Kunkel for the info on constructing a good radial saw table, which I have done on the 1350 and look forward to doing on the 7790. I've gotten so much information and inspiration from Wally's book. Thanks so much!"
Martin Kelly

"Just a short note to let you know the book arrived approximately ten days ago and I have been too busy reading it to let you know sooner. Having now read it from cover to cover I can only say that it even exceeded my expectations. What a real bargain. It was certainly worth the wait and amazing value even given the lousy exchange rate between the Australian dollar and the US greenback. I certainly enjoyed the style in which it was written and the marvelous information it contained. Well done and what a talented family."

"The book is great. I have an old DeWalt that was my grandfathers, and now I've tuned it up and it's great. Thanks for the very interesting book."
Rich Vance

"Friend loved the book so much, he kept it! So I am ordering my second..."
Thomas Vinson

"The book is just great! My husband got it, we each read it, and immediately dumped our craftsman RAS in favor of a 1947 DeWalt Industrial RAS. What a difference! No wiggle, no slop. Just consistent cuts. We use a Forrest Woodworker blade. My husband now teaches RAS classes for our woodworking club - with the result that several members have started using their RASs with much more consistent and pleasing results. Good tuning makes an incredible difference! Even though I'm over 60, now, I've learned to use the RAS *safely* and can make both crosscuts and rips with accuracy and pleasing results. We thank Mr. Sawdust for his willingness and efforts to write down so much of his knowledge. We are spreading the word down here in GA about the Mr. Sawdust book, and use it as a text for my husband's classes - but absolutely *nothing* takes the place of hands-on and active demonstrations. My husband is even becoming the "official" RAS demonstrator for one of the local tool stores! all because of this book! Thanks a lot! It's wonderful!"
Elizabeth "Windy" Riggs

"Although I haven't the opportunity to buy my Radial Arm Saw yet...I was fortunate enough to know Mr. Kunkel on a personal level and still get to see the exceptional furniture he made thats still in his home. You're sorely missed Mr. Sawdust....but you're still an inspiration to many woodworkers out there! Thank you for all the love and knowledge you passed our way and God speed to you!"
Mark Beckert

"Your book is fantastic! I've been a woodworker for 20 years and learned more from your book than I can admit. I went through it page by page. My DeWalt saw has never worked so well. Every page is pure gold. So many lessons still to learn. Thank you."
Bill Muler

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