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Maple “Clouds” Lighting Fixture

Designed and created by Kunkel & Son—Fine Woodworking
Custom Woodwork—Nashville, TN

(Description by Marc A. Kunkel)

These light fixtures are made of two layers of 3/8” bendable plywood sandwiched by two layers of 1/8” Italian bendable plywood. Then they were edge banded and veneered with maple.  Usually we would do the lamination with the piece and form inside the bag but due to the size (9’ x 4’) we decided to try it with the form outside the bag. It worked fine, as you can see.

We then leveled any imperfections before veneering. Once the veneer was applied and sanded, the holes were located and cut for the lighting.

Staining wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the customer wanted it. The pieces were stained and finished with satin pre-cat lacquer.

We designed the hanging hardware, which were ball-joint rod ends on custom made clamps.

The fixture hung on threaded rod which we located in the ceiling before we started fabrication, so the sheetrock and wiring could be completed. The day of installation, the rods were covered with black painted conduit. Installation of the lighting was done after the units were hung. This is the kind of work we love to do, different and unusual.